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Rich Orth
Mar 23



The Scholarship deadline of April 15 is rapidly approaching. Please encourage your eligible children, grandchildren, great grandchildren who are planning to go to college to apply. The applications must reach me by April 15. Thanks! Rich Orth, Scholarship Chairman

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  • Rich Orth
    Sep 26

    Thanks to EVERYONE who helped plan and carry out this get to gather. The best one that I have been to in my opinion. See you in San Diego!!!!!
  • intertranstech
    Oct 28

    If museum preservation is not possible for any reason(not enough funds etc).sale of Kittyhawk in current condition to Korea or Japan should be pursued. These two countries already have smaller carriers just good enough for a few F35Bs but not large enough against threat from China. Korea already has gained technology related to larger carriers when it was forced to dismantle Minsk and Novorossisk due to external pressure and is the world's No.1 shipbuilder with unique technologies such as cryoships, Aegis ship, 3000ton MRBM capable submarine, and icebreaking supertankers built by Samsung for Maersk. Both Korea and Japan already have F35 and F15 in operation and would have a need for larger aircraft carrier.So if preservation by museum conversion is not feasible, sale of ship to Korea or Japan should be pursued. China's 3rd aircraft carrier is a potential local threat while Taiwan doesn't have any significant military resources due to decline in economy/capabilities and isolation. With Aegis radar and advanced air defence/supersonic missiles(Korea is developing a hypersonic cruise missile based on Zirkon technology;development seems to have almost completed) ,it would become an awesome aircraft carrier.
  • Dennis C.
    Jan 27

    Would like info about the COD flights from the Kitty Hawk to Vietnam to pick up mail, supplies or passengers. Who flew these planes? Were their flights recorded? The Blue-water Navy group is trying to prove that herbicide residue was brought back to the Kitty Hawk from Vietnam. This would help with our shipmates with material for their disability claims. Any info could be helpful. If any of our crew members know members from other carriers please pass that info to me to contact them. There have been statements that herbicide drums or canisters were onboard ship. Please send me info. Looking for Bob Brannon who has some info.